Cyber Remote Viewing has been re-designed and upgraded to part.2 (doubled targets version). Now servicing weekend sessions (every WEEKEND) from 2010.

*** CRV has projects to help disadvantaged children around the world by psychic ability. If you have ability to succeed in these tests here, please join and help us via page-3. ***

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About "CYBER REMOTE VIEWING Part2 Self-Test Opportunity"

This program has been designed and provided for assisting people to make self-analysis of Remote-Viewing ability beyond time. Each session is carried out on a weekly basis, opening at 21:00 (GMT:Greenwich Mean Time) on Friday and closing at 14:00 (GMT) on sunday. The instruction follows.

FRI 21:00 (GMT) - SUN 14:00 (GMT) note:You can do anytime even before FRI but please make sure to catch next coming objects (because objects for former session is being exposed).
  1. Go to next page (page-2).
  2. Remote-view what object (clip-art) will come up behind each door (square shaped door and round shaped door) around sunday 14:00 (GMT)
  3. Record its description what you remote-viewed and keep it until 14:00 (GMT) sunday.
    Option: If you need your performance witnessed, go to next page (page-3) and follow its instruction.

SUN 14:00 (GMT) - next FRI 21:00 (GMT)
  1. Visit this site and look into page-2. (Page 2 link below.)
  2. Check how your remote-viewing performance worked.
    *Even if you missed the uploaded target during the 31.5 hours of exposure period   14:00 (GMT) - 21:00 (GMT) and next session has already commenced, please   don't worry. You can see and check the same object (clip-art) in Page-4 for   next 7 days.

      Summer season (Daylight Saving Time is in effect)
GMT US/Eastern US/Pacific JPN/Tokyo IND/Delhi
open (reset) 21:00 17:00 14:00 6:00 2:30
close (target upload) 14:00 10:00 7:00 23:00 19:30

      Other seasons
GMT US/Eastern US/Pacific JPN/Tokyo IND/Delhi
open (reset) 21:00 16:00 13:00 6:00 2:30
close (target upload) 14:00 9:00 6:00 23:00 19:30

For your information, a target will be picked up and set from target table consisting of more than 4,000 combination, in order to eliminate probability. The selecting methodology is automatic random selecting in order to prevent participants from reading target selector's mind and tendency.

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Contact : dondamious—

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